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In shades of green, blue and clear handblown glass, the antique glass bottles, known as Demijohns, were used to store wine across Europe. These in particular are from a wine harvesting region in Hungary- the villages of Transdanubia. They were wrapped with willow branches for easier and safer transport over long distances of travel. As these are authentic and handmade as well as vintage, no two are the same… all have their own perfect and unique patina and wear. I have even found a few bottles with residue of what looked like corncob cork! They clean up beautifully with patience, they arrive to you with me having already cleaned them but again- they are not perfect! These are real, not reproductions…  the average sizes for each are as follows


Small: 10-12″ tall Medium: 12-16″ tall Large: 16″+ tall

I’m sure most of you have seen these made into lamps, its very simple to do with one of the  ready to use kits I have so considerately and  conveniently listed  under DIY supplies and also under She’s/he’s crafty section 🙂



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small, medium, large


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