Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint- Using milk paint as a stain

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint- colors of the month for November are Mustard Seed Yellow and  Curio, which is one of my absolute favorites. “Eeeeemwwww, A brown??”, you ask? Yep….. I’m not a big fan of brown paint, per se,  but milk paint isn’t just milk paint, you see. It’s a paint for sure… a SUPER PAINT! Milk Paint Stain, Milk Paint Wash… so versatile and just one of the many reasons that I love milk paint.

Can we talk about yellows for a minute? I love a good yellow, but it has to be the perfect shade. It can be soooooo painful to my eyes to see a too bright or too dark or too just not right shade of yellow. It’s a hard color to choose, especially based on small paint swatches. This yellow, however, is fantastic. It’s not too anything, its just right. Adding white wax makes it a gorgeous sunbleached shade, adding antiquing wax makes it perfectly mustardy (yes, thats a word!) and to me, its the perfect color for more primitive pieces. It’s just such a happy, pretty and versatile color!! And mixed with Flow Blue? be still my heart… gorgeous custom color and cool milk paint stain!

miss mustard seed's milk paint mustard seed yellow mmsmp mustard seed yellow milk paint stain




mmsmp miss mustard seed milk paint stain curio brownmmsmp miss mustard seeds milk paint stain curio brown


Now on to Curio, yes its a brown- but it’s a beautiful shade of a deep warm brown and is also so very versatile in its applications. I very rarely use traditional oil based stains anymore and Curio is one of my go to milk paint colors to use as a stain. It’s so easy, its totally non toxic, 100% natural, doesn’t produce any off gassing… and the clean up is super simple. Instead of mixing the powder to paint 1:1, I do a 1:2 or1:3  depending on the strength of color I am looking for, the type of wood etc…. sometimes I do a 1:4 and sometimes I use all those measurements. You can’t mess it up! Topping with my absolute most favorite product IN THE WORLD ( Hemp Oil ) it produces a gorgeous finish.  Wet sanding with hemp oil produces an almost glass like finish, similar to a french polish. swoon worthy. just plain hemp oil is more matte and also stunning. I could go on and on and on about the many benefits of hemp oil, but I’ll save that for another day 🙂

So…. you should know I’m pretty slack when it comes to taking pictures…. and if i do remember to take them, they’re usually not staged and they are taken with my phone. But I’m going to try and do better with that. Just so we’re clear….


Here are some pics of using curio and a mix of curio and typewriter and sometimes a little trophy thrown in as a stain….

before- nasty old wood shutter… you can see in the first image, I had started laying the milk paint stain already (I’m horrible about taking pictures!!) In the second image, you can see the freshly applied hemp oil but you may not notice that the milk paint stain (curio) has been applied and dried. Before being sealed, it can be hard to tell if you have enough on… you do! If you are really unsure and want to triple check then all you need to do is test it out with a dab of oil or wax or whatever you happen to have handy.

In the last two images, it shows you what a nasty mildewy old shutter looks like with 2 thin coats of milk paint applied as a stain in curio with a coat of hemp oil to seal. From start to finish, in South Carolina, this took me maybe 10 minutes.


milk paint stain

hemp oil milk paint stain

hemp oil milk paint stain

miss mustard seeds milk paint stain curio hemp oil







Now for this one- these are just plain pine boards straight off the shelves at Home Depot. In the first image, you’ll see one coat of a mix I made up using a few Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint colors. Looking at this, it can be hard to tell what color it’s actually going to be once the topcoat has been applied- you may think you need MORE. Well, you probably don’t but I’m sure you are just as stubborn as I am so you may just decide to keep on adding layers of stain until you can see it (not that I did that or anything). Folks, this is NOT traditional stain!! You won’t see the beauty until you apply the topcoat, the same as when using it as a paint. Depending on the wood you’re using and the finish you’re going for you will probably be fine with 1-2 light coats! It’s OK, though, you’ll learn 🙂 In the second image, this is with two coats of the milk paint stain I mixed. the third and final image is where you see the magic start to happen…. a wee bit of hemp oil rubbed into the wood at the bottom… same boards! I apologize for the bad photos and not staging but i was working, people! I’m just glad I took any pics at all! haha!

mmsmp milk paint  stain curio hemp oil wood shelvesmmsmp milk paint stain curio hemp oil wood stainhemp oil over milk paint stain wood shelves mmsmp


OK so remember how I already said I don’t stage? And that I take kinda cruddy pics with my phone? Well, here’s even more proof that I need to find my real camera and maybe start touching up the images I take 😉

For this door, we used off the shelf boards from Home Depot (yes… again). In the first image, it’s finally a true before! In the second image, you can see that I’ve already applied the stain and was almost finished applying the Miracle in a bottle also known as Hemp Oil. Have I mentioned how much I love Hemp oil? Because I do… it really brings out the beauty. I use that stuff on everything! OK Third image- left side is milk paint stain only, right side has been oiled lightly by rubbing it in with a rag. Fourth image has one coat of hemp oil, which had been fully absorbed and was ready for another coat.

barn door DIY milk paint stain hemp oil

diy barn door milk paint stain hemp oil barn door barn door bathroom mmsmp stain hemp





So basically…. what I’m saying in a nutshell is this- staining with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint  is SO easy (and so not stinky or messy or sticky) Just try it- it may just change your painting/staining world.

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    Love! Can’t wait to try curio!
    Great tips for those beginning and great inspiration!!

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      Sara you’re too kind, love!! thank you! 🙂
      And for real… you’ve been missing out! its so easy and so beautiful

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