So many paints- how do I choose?

With new decorative paint companies popping up on, what seems like, a daily basis- how’s a person to choose what to purchase? All the pretty colors and cool packaging, great reviews, special offers….  there’s only so much room in your paint drawer/cabinet/room/workshop and only so much money you can justify spending!

So…. how do you choose? Well, it’s hard. I will never write what I don’t believe to be true. I will never purposely mislead or steer you wrong. That said, my opinions may differ from yours and everyone has their own comfort zone. I love trying new products and techniques. I looooooooove having time to play with new paints and finishes. So when I see new products I’m curious about- I try them. And I encourage you to try new things, too.


It’s so easy to get in a rut. To stick with what you know works and not try anything else. To rely on other peoples reviews and opinions. I personally agree with the whole stick with what you know works mentality…. but I love to try new things! I have tried so very many products and have yet to find that one perfect paint for every.single.use. I don’t think it exists! I absolutely love milk paint; I carry Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint because I LOOOOOOVE it! It’s so versatile, the colors so vibrant and rich, it lasts forever…. but it’s not perfect. It’s not for every.single.piece. I’m looking into other lines to carry that will pick up where milk paint wouldn’t be the best option and hope to have more on that soon. Even then, I’m sure, I will still use other paints and products from other lines. There is no one perfect paint, for each and every use,  at least that I’ve found, and I think I like it that way. It keeps me looking and keeps things fresh.

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