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Hello and Welcome to the Hidden Charm blog!!!
I hope you’re ready for yet another blog focusing on DIY Home Decor & Improvement projects, Paint Techniques and Random bits of life…. because here it is!

beautiful photo courtesy of PinkPot
Hopefully, I will be able to save you some frustration, time and even money by sharing with you some of the products I have found to work as they’re supposed to (and sometimes maybe not the way they’re meant to!) as well as tools, supplies etc that you may need. If you’re going to invest even $5 in something, don’t you want to be sure it will work? There is a tab on the menu bar that is labeled Favorite Tools & Products (you can also just click on the words) that is filled with just that… my personal faves
In full disclosure, the Favorite Tools & Products is a mini Amazon Store- you can browse the different categories I have listed, add to your cart, read reviews, see pictures etc and then when its time to check out, you’ll be paying amazon directly, not Hidden Charm. You will pay nothing extra than you normally would, but I will receive some credit for me to get some stuff- and I am really excited about that. So please… if you’re going to be buying it anyway, will you buy it through my link? 😉
I hope that you will enjoy reading these posts and welcome any feedback! Please be kind, though. You can still tell me I stink, just add shugah or darlin and I’ll be all good.
If there is anything you want to read about, or have suggestions or questions? Please comment and let me know!! I would love to hear from you! Do you want to read about DIY Home Decor and Improvement Projects? Tutorials? Paint Techniques?
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As always,  Best to you and yours! Happy Painting! Hope you have a FABULOUS week!!!
~ Pia

OK so I couldn’t bear it. I had to find a picture of me for the blog and honestly I don’t have many, so I had to just make do until I get the courage to have an actual photo taken of me on purpose (Finding me in anything other than jeans, tanks and my chucks is a rare thing) and had to crop my sweet baby boy out of the picture. So here is the full pic. And I can’t have him on here without my sweet angel faced daughter… so here is one of me and her, as well. And a super cute one of Biddle (son) last Christmas hanging with the snow in Park City. One of me, my husband Mr. Charm (personified) and the youngest two, And another of Bookie (daughter)

park city family christmas
Me, Mr. Charm (personified), Bookie and Biddle
family pia mommy daughter
Me and Bookie.
pia and son in park city snow during family christmas trip
Biddle in the snow
bookie at our home stone and paris grey chalk paint cabinets
Bookie Boo… posing as always.
pia crook hidden charm diy home paint blog
Me and biddle

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