I am disgusted

with my newly self admitted hoarding tendencies. What happened? I am not an organized person by nature (all you who know me in person- quit laughing) and I am the first to admit that I am messy and disorganized. I wish I were the type of person to whom organization came easily. The kind of person who automatically files papers needing to be filed instead of leaving them sitting on the counter until I either shove them in a drawer or toss them out. I wish I knew what I was making for supper and had all ingredients ready to go so I wasn’t panicking at the last minute and wind up ordering pizza. or Chinese. But… I’m not that girl. I’m me. So I have to work harder than some to keep my home clean and un cluttered. I feel better mentally when there is some sort of order around me. I can think more clearly and I’m not as stressed out… which means my nerves aren’t frayed and I’m way more patient with my children and husband and life in general.

Sometime last year or maybe longer- ha! like I have a calendar I can consult!! Ha!< Let’s take a moment and give thanks for iPhones and the cloud. thank you>

Anyway- as I was saying- sometime in the past year or so I let go. And not in a good way. I started letting things go. I got busy doing something and laundry fell behind. I missed a day cleaning and straightening….. and those days built upon one another. Add in the total addiction to auctions and the inability to pass up a good deal and running out of room at the store, storage unit and 3 car garage…. well, where am I supposed to put stuff????!? And so it began… the ridiculous amount of crap in our home. I’m a total hypocrite. I get onto my children to pick up their shoes and put their backpacks in the mudroom and put their toys away… while we have to step over a box filled with smalls in order to do it. Really?!?!? I’m disgusted. I get overwhelmed and shut down, put my blinders on and keep on going. Well I’m done!

I’m taking control back! Taking my once loving and imperfect home back from the clutter! One room at a time. So I’ll be sharing the chaos with you to hold me accountable. Because if I don’t, I’m so not finishing anything.


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